To tell you a little bit about, Lonnie and Regina Burr Lo-Re' Chows Chows:
We have had chows since 1983. Like everyone else our first two chows were of pet quality. We experienced a few puppy matches and soon realized that our chows did not look of the same chow type as the ones in the show ring. We then decided that we wanted a chow of show quality, so we then visited a few local show/breeding kennels, in which Jill Stillwell of Pepperland Chow Chows was one of them. We then waited over a year for our first show puppy, which was from Pepperland Kennels.
A few years later we were given the opportunity of ownership of what was our foundation bitch, Ch. Moonwynd Pepperland Moon Pie. By that time we had become very good friends with Jill, that we had decided to join together in a partnership and have been ever since.
Lonnie and I, have been showing and breeding chow chows since 1986.

To tell you a little bit about Jill Stillwell of Pepperland Chow Chows:

My husband, Woodrow, purchased our first two chows (pets) in 1974. After several years of just enjoying their companionship, we decided to enter the world of dog shows. Like most everyone else, our companions were not "show" dogs. The hunt was on then for a show dog. Ch. Al De Bear PPLD Capt. Midnight became the foundation male at Pepperland. Several years later, Beth Nesbit ( Moonwynd) and I became partners. From that relationship several BISS dogs were produced. In 1991, Beth decided to leave the world of Chows, therefore, we entrusted our beloved Ch. Moonwynd Pepperland Moon Pie to Lonnie and Regina Burr. The gift of Moon Pie was a blessing between the Burr's and myself. Ever since the day in 1991 when we couldn't decide on who would take Reba (Rumor Has It) or who would take Clint (Dakota), a partnership has grown into a very close friendship. We love and admire the breed very much!
Our goal is to continue breeding sound quality of true chow type!
"The Future Is Determined By The Past"